Mustache Summer 99 REJOICE! The Age of Mustache Prejudice has ended, and Mustache Summer has begun!

This site is an archive. Mustache Summer 1999 has come and gone. Who were these men? What was the Mustache Summer movement? This site is an eternal testament to those who braved the anti-stache establishment to forge new paths for today's youth, in a profound effort to liberate the upper lip. Many fought and died (okay, maybe not died), but history will vindicate these hardy souls. is your sanctuary. Revel in what you have accomplished. Envision a brighter, mustachioed future.

¡Viva El Verano del Bigote!

Time Out New York magazine covered our facial-hair movement in its August 5-12, 1999 issue. Read the article here.


The Cookie Duster wipes away a salty tear as he bids adieu to 1999's été de moustache. What has the summer meant? What does the future bring? Sam Elliott?

Dr. Likket feels around in his medical bag of tricks and hands you a soothing salve of solid stache advice.

Dude! Or, How I Score With The 'Stache - a must-read for facial fence-sitters, and it's exclusively in Must 'Stache!

Mrs. Lipski delves deeper into the appeal of the stached in the most recent installment of Mrs. Lipski's Ride Of The Week. Ladies (and gentlemen), she's talking to you.

The Sporting Life Are you the literary type? Lip Lit is for you, with analysis of the mustache of James Joyce.


Viva! Important information on insidious anti-hair forces has been passed to us. It is your duty to read The Hairgitator and spread your knowledge to the world. Truth is power.

Why Mustache Summer? Read The Commustache Mustafesto

Having trouble on your own? The miracle of modern medicine can bestache the most fuzz-burdened. Bog has an in-depth study of this in Salvation For The Sparse.

Those who ignore history are doomed to read Mark Hall's Mustaches in History.


Viva! Haiku


Punk Rock Mustache


Stache Scratch Fever

Still Life With Mustache


Looks Like A Criminal To Me
Evidence of anti-stache prejudice (July 27, 1999): Cary Stayner, the 37-year-old maintenance man who has confessed to four Yosemite, CA-area slayings, appeared in District Court in Sacramento today. He was clean-shaven at the time of the slayings, and both the Associated Press and the San Francisco Chronicle described him "clean-cut." So why did AP run this 1997 photo along with its story on the case?

Sing along in celebration of the traditional jumping-off point: Cinco de Mustache

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